Friday, October 22, 2010

749 NES games in less than 14 minutes

Nintendo isn't the only one celebrating the NES' birthday. The retro gaming fans of NES Guide compiled over 700 different classic titles from the 25-year-old console and crammed them into less than 14 minutes of video. Each clip lasts just over a second, so you're in for quite a montage. Think you can name them all?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd's boxart revealed

Capcom is all geared up for the release of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, the latest portable incarnation of the hit Monster Hunter franchise.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is set for release in Japan on December 1st. No release date for the US has been set yet unfortunately. At last month's TGS event in Japan, Capcom unveiled a limited edition PSP that will be available at launch. Dubbed as the "Hunters PSP," the redesigned handheld features a concave analog stick with thick battery cover to add comfort for fans of the game. It also packs a 3.6v 2200mAH battery for longer playing time.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This is Mega Man Legends 3 so far.

Back at the New York Comic-Con, Capcom showed some early build footages of the on-going Mega Man Legends 3 Project. In case you missed the show, you might want to catch those footages right here and get some idea of what to expect from the series reboot. If you love the Servbots, you won't be disappointed.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

X-Men Arcade XBLA & PSN Comic-Con NYC 2010 Trailer | Pixel Enemy

At a Comic-Con New York panel, Marvel revealed that Konami will bring X-Men, its side-scrolling arcade beat-em-up from 1992, to the Xbox 360 and PS3 as a downloadable title. 6 player co-op AND you can drop in anytime? Awesome arcade nostalgia.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Real life PIPBoys!

 You can call the devices the U.S. Army is testing out at Fort Dix in New Jersey wrist mounted phosphorescent OLED Displays is you want. We're calling them PIPBoys.

What the gentleman in the photo here is looking at is one of eight wrist mounted phosphorescent OLED Displays delivered to the U.S. Army for testing by Universal Display. The organic light emitting diode display is mounted on thin, flexible metal foil, which in turn is mounted on a wrist-wrapping housing to create a fully functional display and communication device.

LG Display created the 4.3" QVGA full-color, full-motion AMOLED displays using amorphous-Silicon TFT backplanes crafted on flexible foil. Then Universal Display used its full-color PHOLED technology to create the front plane. The entire unit was designed and implemented by L-3 Display Systems.

The devices were presented to the military for evaluation and testing, and were showcased at the U.S. Army's C4ISR On-the-Move testing environment last month at Fort Dix, New Jersey, where they received positive feedback by senior leaders who make critical research, development and acquisition investment decisions.

I would wear one of these 24 hours a day. My wrist would become a pale, sweaty mass of matted hair.
That's probably not a good thing.
It's just another fine example of PIPBoy technology in real life. All we need now is a devastating nuclear war, and in a couple of centuries we'll be playing Fallout for real!

[OLED-Display via Kotaku]